• The Langlois Foundation Prize awarded to our team

January 15 th, 2014 – Our INSERM team “Wave Physics for Medicine” receives the 2014 Prize Jean Langlois for our research on fUltrasound


The team Wave Physics in Medicine of the Langevin Institute (Inserm / CNRS / ESPCI / UPMC / Université Paris- Diderot) has been awarded the Langlois Foundation Prize for its work on functional brain imaging by ultrasound. This technique has shown particular complementarity and contribution to various studies in the field of neuroscience. Led by Mickaël Tanter , the team has also developed the first fully programmable ultrafast ultrasound system on the market for medical imaging through the creation of a company.
Founded in 1974, the Langlois Foundation encourages and promotes scientific and technical research , fundamental and applied , especially in the medical field

The website of Inserm U979 Wave Physics for Medicine at Langevin Institute, ESPCI :