The Langlois Foundation Prize awarded to our team

January 15 th, 2014 – Our INSERM team “Wave Physics for Medicine” receives the 2014 Prize Jean Langlois for our research on fUltrasound   The team Wave Physics in Medicine of the Langevin Institute (Inserm / CNRS / ESPCI / UPMC / Université Paris- Diderot) has been awarded the Langlois Foundation Prize for its work on functional brain imaging by ultrasound. This […]

In the 2014 Top Ten Most Downloaded papers of PMB

December 2014 – One of our publications awarded major peers recognition Our 2014 publication on the first proof of concept of 3D Ultrafast Ultrasound imaging published this year in Physics in Medicine and Biology was downloaded more than 1800 times. It is in the 2014 Top Ten most downloaded papers as higlighted by MedicalPhysicsWeb. We warmly […]

M. Tanter awarded the Inserm Opecst Prize 2014

The Opecst-Inserm Prize for 2014 is being awarded to Mickaël Tanter, for his involvement in the development of ultrafast Ultrasound imaging from academic research to industry and clinical translation. Ultrafast imaging is leading today to new imaging modalities in medical ultrasound. It ranges from quantitative elasticity imaging for cancer diagnosis to ultrasensitive Doppler imaging for functional […]

Our research in Science&Avenir magazine

December, 2014 – Our work on ultrasensitive Doppler imaging of the newborn brain highlighted in Science&Avenir magazine Our work published in Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism by Charlie Demené and co-authors in January 2014 is highlighted by the french magazine  Science&Avenir. Presented as a revolution in ultrasound, it is a first step in the development […]

Publication in Nature Comm. on resting state fUltrasound Imaging

October 3rd, 2014 – Our work on Functional Ultrasound Imaging of intrinsic connectivity in the living rat Brain  is published in Nature Communications   The results presented in this manuscript provide the first evidence of  fUltrasound as a new neuroimaging modality for the study of small animal whole brain functional connectivity. The brain dynamically integrates and coordinates the respose to internal and […]

Invited talk at JFR’2014 Radiology symposium in Paris

Applications of Ultrafast Doppler imaging  including fUltrasound will be presented during an invited talk at the french symposium of Radiology, JFR’2014 on Friday October 17th, 2014 The JFR symposium is the most important medical imaging symposium for radiologists in France with more than 1000 scientific presentations and several thousands of participants. It will take place at Palais […]

Our first prototypes for 3D Ultrafast Ultrasound

First ever 3D ultrafast ultrasound imaging in vivo Two research prototypes were designed for 3D Ultrafast Ultrasound imaging at Inserm U979 Wave Physics for Medicine (Langevin Institute, ESPCI/CNRS). First ever in vivo ultrafast volumetric acquisitions were recently published in Physics in Medicine and Biology. These results pave the way for our 3D fUltrasound research in FUSIMAGINE. Abstract- […]

Plenary Talk @ Neuroscience Workshop Saclay

fUltrasound imaging and ERC FUSIMAGINE project will be presented at NeWS in Saclay, France on December 4-5th 2014 The NEuroscience Workshop Saclay (NeWS) is a scientific event organized for and by young scientists, students and postdocs in neuroscience at the Paris Saclay campus. This event is sponsored by the NeuroSaclay initiative which fosters exchange between […]

Lecture on fUltrasound @ Institut Pasteur, Paris

7 septembre 2014, 9h30-18h30, amphithéâtre EMILE DUCLAUX – M. Tanter will give a presentation on “fUltrasound : ultrasound becomes a new neuroimaging modality” for the Opening day of the Innovation Centre and Technological Research at Institute Pasteur This scientific Meeting is organized in order to stimulate scientific discussions and collaborations between researchers from Institut Pasteur […]

fUltrasound tracks odor representation in the brain

NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE I PARIS I 11 JULY 2014 fUltrasound imaging recently provided the first ever in vivo visualization of activity in the piriform cortex of rats during odor perception. This deep-seated brain structure plays an important role in olfaction, and was inaccessible to functional imaging until now. This work also sheds new light on the […]

fUltrasound at IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2013

     Mickael Tanter gives an invited presentation on perspectives in functional ultrasonic Imaging of brain activity at the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium in Prague, 21-25 July 2013. This presentation gave us the opportunity to present the previous work of our team, the basic principles and future applications of fUltrasound. Title : fUltrasound : Functional Ultrasonic Imaging […]

Review article on ultrafast imaging in biomed ultrasound

    Our review article on the current and future applications of Ultrafast Imaging in biomedical Ultrasound is published in January 2014 in IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control. This article is an extensive review of the state-of-the-art in ultrafast Ultrasound. The concept of Ultrafast Imaging of shear waves for Elasticity Imaging, Ultrafast Contrast […]

Seminal paper on fUltrasound imaging in Nature Methods

In 2011, we published a seminal paper on fUltrasound imaging of the living rat brain in Nature Methods. Short Abstract : We present functional ultrasound (fUS), a method for imaging transient changes in blood volume in the whole brain at better spatiotemporal resolution than with other functional brain imaging modalities. fUS uses plane-wave illumination at […]

Seminal paper on Ultrafast Doppler imaging

fUltrasound is based on Ultrafast Doppler imaging. This new way of performing Doppler imaging in Ultrasound was presented in a seminal publication in IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control in 2010. Doppler-based flow analysis methods require acquisition of ultrasound data at high spatio-temporal sampling rates. These rates represent a major technical challenge for […]