• New publication in Nature Communications : Light controls cerebral blood flow in naive animals


 Light controls cerebral blood flow in naive animals


Ravi L. Runtga, Bruno-Felix Osmanski, Davide Boido, Mickael Tanter, Serge Charpak
Nature Communications 8:14191 (January 2017)



Cerebral blood flow response as a function of light power in a naive mouse.

A new publication was released in Nature Communications, as a result of the collaboration between our Inserm Unit 979 (led by Mickael Tanter) and the team of Serge Charpak (Inserm Unit 1128). Combination of functional ultrasound with two-photon microscopy showed that blood flow in mice brain increases in response to light stimulus as a result of artery dilation. This suggests that light could be used to locally induce cerebral blood flow increase in a controlled and reversible manner. It also suggest to be extremely careful with control experiments when performing optogenetics.

Link to the publication: http://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms14191