• New Publication by C. Demene et al in IEEE Trans. Med. Imag.

Our group published this month an article in IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging on innovative filters for optimal Tissue/Blood discrimination

Institut Langevin ©Benjamin Boccas

Charlie Demené – Institut Langevin ©Benjamin Boccas


A major issue in fUltrasound remains the ability of signal processing to discriminate blood flow in very small vessels at low blood speeds (1 mm/s) from cerebral tissue or probe motion artifacts. We introduce in this article an innovative way to optimally discriminate blood flow from these artifacts by exploiting singular value decomposition of ultrafast ultrasonic raw data.

This spatio-temporal clutter filter strongly improves Cerebral Blood Volume image quality as seen in the clinical example presented in the figure above. It corresponds to CBV mapping of a preterm newborn both using conventional filtering and spatiotemporal filtering.

The article is available in open access in IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging :

Spatiotemporal clutter filtering of ultrafast ultrasound data highly increases Doppler and fUltrasound sensitivity by Demene C.,Deffieux T., Pernot M., Osmanski B.F., Biran V., Gennisson J.-C., Sieu L.-A., Bergel A., Franqui S., Correas J.M., Cohen I., Baud O. and Tanter M.