• M. Tanter awarded the Inserm Opecst Prize 2014

The Opecst-Inserm Prize for 2014 is being awarded to Mickaël Tanter, for his involvement in the development of ultrafast Ultrasound imaging from academic research to industry and clinical translation.

Ultrafast imaging is leading today to new imaging modalities in medical ultrasound. It ranges from quantitative elasticity imaging for cancer diagnosis to ultrasensitive Doppler imaging for functional brain imaging using ultrasound. M. Tanter, principal investigator of ERC Adv. Grant Fusimagine, was awarded the prize Inserm Opecst on December 3rd, 2014 during a ceremony organized by INSERM at College de France, Paris. This prize recognizes his major contribution to the advent of ultrafast imaging in biomedical ultrasound and its successfull transfer from academic research to industry with the creation of Supersonic Imagine, a french medical imaging company in the highly competitive field of radiology.

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Cérémonie de la remise des Prix Inserm 2014


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