• Distinguished Lecture at California Institute of Technology

The Advent of Ultrafast Imaging in Biomedical Ultrasound (Joint MedE/CNS Seminar)

Mickael Tanter will give a distinguished lecture from the Department of Medical Engineering at California Institute of Technology, USA.

Date: May 7, 2015, 4:00–5:00 PM
Location: 105 Annenberg
Speaker: Mickaël Tanter, Ph.D, French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM)

In the last fifteen years, the introduction of plane or diverging wave transmissions rather than line by line scanning focused beams has broken the conventional barriers of ultrasound imaging. By using such large field of view transmissions, the frame rate reaches the theoretical limit of physics dictated by the ultrasound speed and an ultrasonic map can be provided typically in tens of micro-seconds (several thousands of frames per second). Interestingly, this leap in frame rate is not only a technological breakthrough but it permits the advent of completely new ultrasound imaging modes, including shear wave elastography, electromechanical wave imaging, ultrafast doppler, ultrafast contrast imaging, and even functional ultrasound imaging of brain activity (fUltrasound) introducing Ultrasound as an emerging full-fledged neuroimaging modality.

For blood flow imaging, ultrafast Doppler permits high-precision characterization of complex vascular and cardiac flows. It also gives ultrasound the ability to detect very subtle blood flow in very small vessels. In the brain, such ultrasensitive Doppler paves the way for fUltrasound (functional ultrasound imaging) of brain activity with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution compared to fMRI.